Apply Liberally and Often

Next week I'm taking a trip.

Visiting with friends in paradise on the other side of the globe.

Traveling always reminds me that what I take for granted - clean water and air, abundant food, cozy shelter, Kettle One martinis - is unavailable to over 70% of the people on the planet. The experience of coming home and marveling at the hot water in the shower and the cold beer in the fridge.

What could I possibly have done to deserve running hot water and cold beer? Other than being born into a dominant culture at the end of the 20th century?

Nothing really.

So if I didn't warrant this special spot for any particular reason, what is my "response-ability" now that I'm here?

The thought today is "love myself".

(Unless your behavior is truly atrocious and you need serious help in sorting out years of crusted up self hatred - megalomaniac, despotic, a serial killer, grumpy curmudgeon, total scrooge or all round nasty person - this is a great place to start.)

With all our gifts, birthrights, freedom, power, education, creativity and courage, all we are asked to contribute is loving ourselves.


Isn't that totally narcissistic? Like you're the center of the universe and make-up please and "I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. De Mille"?

Possibly. Until you think about it.

People who love themselves are in turn able to trust themselves, have integrity, honesty and are naturally generous and kind. And when the identity of self love becomes greater than the identity of self hatred, the floodgates of transformation are opened.

The micro-healing of the self generates the necessary energy to diminish the macro suffering of the world.

As simplistic as it sounds, we are the world. And when we love ourselves deeply enough, we begin to see the light of recognition shining through the eyes of every other creation.

And the love that we naturally experience within ourselves is extended into the world we see around us.

My world, myself.

What I see on the outside is a reflection of what's on the inside. The psychologists and philosophers, songwriters and ministers have all taken a big swing at this idea.

My favorite?

Uncle Ben in Spiderman, "With great power comes great response-ability."

Love is the greatest power in our personal arsenal. It starts here. Then you'll see what else needs to be done.

Self love.

Like sunscreen, apply liberally and often.

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