Baby Steps

A pithy bit of advice. Applied to any and all events requiring persistence and the currently accepted laws of physics.

And like most pith, perhaps a bit bitter?

If you ever reflect on the monumental task of learning to walk, you'll notice this is a damn difficult endeavor. A long and careful balancing act really. Employing a construction marvel of levers and pulleys, based on a twisting, bending, sliding stack of oddly shaped blocks , perched on jointed sticks and capped off by an overly large, heavy, unwieldy block of flesh and bone.

I suspect if we were shown the early plans of those first steps, we might respond with, "yeah, right and where do the monkeys fly out from"?

Catch a baby going through this arduous process and take a good look. The relevant bit to personal development being the ratio of upright moments with fall-down-go-booms.

A long and careful balancing act.

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