Fondness for physics

Relax, I can't do the math either!

The "ah ha" for me is in the process of change.

In physics, what we accepted as "laws" were actually the limits of our observation.

From Newton's basics on the behavior of matter into Einstein's light bending time, then on to the frontiers of space, we now see that matter is organized in waves flowing through the universe.

(I especially enjoy the idea that close to 99% of what looks "solid and stable" is actually empty and moving!)

Through asking questions, and employing enhanced powers of observation, new insights emerged. And the "laws" came apart.

The same process holds true for personal development and transformation.

As we hone our willingness to question and develop our powers of observation, new insights shift our perspectives.

And the "old laws" of who and what we are, come tumbling down.

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