Observing the Mind

Ever think that the "Wizard of Oz" and "Harry Potter" might be revealing a key to personal development and transformation?

Modern films follow the classic arc of story telling. The hero or heroine is innocent, experiences a challenge or loss, then struggles, triumphs and is transformed by the journey.

We see ourselves in the characters and internalize the resilience and hope of their success over adversity. * For more on the power of stories, see Joseph Campbell , who made a life's work out of presenting these stories from around the world.

Dorothy and her crew are transformed when the "little man behind the curtain" reveals that they "had the power within" but their abilities were unclaimed.

Our boy Harry Potter brings the hero's journey to the next generation. His epic battle with the "dark wizard" shows him struggle and ultimately triumph in integrating his own darkness and is empowered.
These stories reveal the path to transformation.

How do we experience more personal success, persist in the face of adversity, be of greater service to others and "vanquish evil" as we see it?

How do we manifest our goals to live with grace and compassion? Balance the mesmerizing specter of our deaths with the irrational pursuit of personal immortality? Suffer and then transform the pain of losing everything that we ever held near and dear?

Our youth fades. Our children move away. We grow frail and weak, perhaps unprepared to exit the stage with unfulfilled visions and memories of regrettable decisions.

And all along we possessed this power.

The central organizing engine of amazing, life changing, once and for all peace, wealth, gratitude, personal power and freedom.

The super power at the core of all human transformation. Way better than invisibility cloaks or flying?

The power to observe our minds.

Opening the door to our true nature as infinite, timeless. As one. Being.

This moment. Now.

The power of observation to witness the mind.

The power to observe our minds generating everything. Our actions. Our values. Our possessions. Our loves, appetites, faith, losses, triumphs, histories and regrets.

The power to witness the mind at the center of every story-telling, history keeping, fault finding, ego exalting, fantasizing, fortune telling, globalizing, catastrophe predicting, rescuing, self justifying, and righteous-victory-speech-I-told-you-so-vindication epic.

The power to observe the mind.

How might the power to observe the mind change your story?


  1. The ability to not only observe my thoughts but also redirect them is thrilling and burdensome, simultaneously. I have power -- and responsiblity to direct my thoughts, then my attitudes, then my actions.

    Dammit! Can't I blame someone else, sometime, for something?

  2. I totally agree. Being powerful is such a dilemma!